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Cabin volume sacrificed for victorious velocity!

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1. Crew guide

2. Parts & Sails

Rudder brackets and rudder pin Jack Li had the parts made in China from high grade steel. The brackets cost HK$300 each and the pin should be around the same price (needs confirmation). Call +852 6848 0469. Address: Room 305, Fo Tan Industrial Centre, 26 Au Pui Want Street,Fo Tan, Shatin.
Sails * North Sails - Rita Yau https://wa.me/+85292327771
* Ian Short Sails - Ian Short ianshort600@gmail.com
* UK Sailmakers - Jeremy Koo https://wa.me/+85252392544
Parts and Sheets * Kellet Island Ship shop - https://rhkyc.myshopify.com
Rigging and Parts * HK Rigging James Barker https://wa.me/+447779642006 or Rob Partridge https://wa.me/+85267343674
* Etchells rigger John Ashford https://wa.me/+447383188406

3. Running & Rigging Guide

4. Setup

5. Specs

6. Class Rules

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